High Arch (Pes Cavus) Feet

High Arch (Pes Cavus) Feet

High Arches is a common term used to describe a foot that supinates or rolls out too much at the ankle. A high arched foot is unstable as the body is balancing on just a small surface area of the foot, the heel and ball of foot. The cavus foot is unable to absorb the shock of heel strike during the gait cycle. High Arches can lead to problems such as chronic lateral ankle sprains, balance problems, midfoot pain, poor shock absorption during gait leading to foot, ankle, knee and lower back problems. This foot type often leads to clawed toes, as the toes grip the ground to increase stability.

At Penrith Podiatry we can help:

  • Footwear Advice for high arches as support is essential
  • Use of orthotics to re-stabilise the lower limb and prevent pain and injury

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