Corns and Calluses

Corns and Calluses

Calluses (Hyperkeratosis) is a build-up of thickened skin on the foot caused by friction in high-pressure areas of the foot due to footwear or gait during walking/running. They are sometimes accompanied by corns and can be mildly uncomfortable to painful and debilitating. Calluses usually appear on the bottom of the foot around the forefoot on bony prominences as well as the heel and around the sides and tips of the toes.

Hard Corns (Heloma Durum) appear on the top and sides of toes often due to footwear pressure and also along the bottom of the foot. A hard keratin nucleus forms, which is the corn and must be removed to alleviate pain. Soft Corns (Heloma Molle) in most cases appear between the toes. These have an unbearable stinging sensation and are extremely uncomfortable.

Corn removers purchased from the chemist burn the corn but they also burn the healthy skin. We never recommend them. At Penrith Podiatry Foot & Ankle Clinic, we will safely remove your corns and callous. This is generally a simple, pain-free procedure.

At Penrith Podiatry we can help:

  • Callous/Corn removal
  • Advice to prevent the reoccurrence of the callous and corns
  • Padding, insoles and silicon wedges to prevent the build-up of callous and corns

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